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VisiVector Série HS

Analyse complex, turbulent high speed flows

Key benefits

  • Maximum capability
  • Look at turbulent processes in high-speed flows
  • Carry out time-resolved measurements

VisiVector HS systems are our most capable PIV systems. The high speed camera and short-pulse DPSS laser mean that even the fastest flows can be measured.

The Visivector HS system allows measurement of flow velocities up to 1000m/s (subject to suitable seeding being available). Time resolved measurements on slower flows allow you to understand turbulent and transient effects in greater detail.

VidPIV included

Like all of our PIV systems, the HS-320 systems include our intuitive VidPIV software. VidPIV presents the PIV analysis process in a tree-based structure that allows the user to branch the process to try different approaches to data analysis without destroying earlier results. In an educational setting, VidPIV allows the supervisor to probe the tree at any point to check results and aid understanding.

 3D upgrade

With a 3D upgrade, the HS series offers outstanding capability to understand a turbulent mixing process.


  • Turbulent flow studies
  • Time resolved measurements


  • High Speed 1 megapixel camera
  • 1000-5400 frames per second full resolution. up to 50kHz at reduced resolution
  • Wavelength:  532nm or 588nm
  • DPSS or (optional) Copper Vapour Laser
  • Articulated arm or Fibre optic beam delivery

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